Answers and Changes

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Answers and Changes 
        Posted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2015 Mar 17 18:40 -0400 GMT

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!!!    

    I wanted to address a few things from Stratics regarding IDOCs. I would also like to tell you about a few changes we are going to make. Currently in game,    once a house goes into IDOC we had stated it would drop on the 5, 10, or 15th hour instead of 20. What was not said is it had to wait for a decay tick    after those times. I will take blame for the miscommunication on this fact. We are fixing it so it will not wait for the decay tick and it will fall on the    5, 10, or 15th hour.    

    The Grubbers that appear when a IDOC house falls will lose all their items in their packs when they cross a server line. We have no plans to change the    wiping of the co-owner or friends list. The owner of the house has the ability to re-add them at any time.

We hope this answers some of the questions and concerns we have been seeing.    

    Changes we are making…

  • We are fixing the gold pick up at champ spawns so there is not any delay.    
  • We are fixing players being able to get their house back even in the IDOC state. You must renew your account at least 2 hours before it drops or it        will not be given back to you. (Until this fix is published you can email if you        renew your account and your house is not being returned to you, list the shard, and house location and name when you email me. I do not need you there        to make it do a warehouse check for an active account.    

    You should see these changes within the next few weeks when we publish out our items for Easter.

Have a safe evening!

    UO Team