Counterfeit Commodities 報酬一覧

Counterfeit CommoditiesチャンプでBogling Hide Mukluks /ボグリング革のマクラクをもらおう(~2023年4月30日終了)
個人的メモ ・Counterfeit Commoditiesチャンプ参加すると、Bogling Hide Mukluks(ボグリング革のマクラク)がバッグに沸く(参加して条件満たしていれば毎回もらえる。増産可能)。 ・Bogling Hid...
Counterfeit Commodities 2023年4月19日更新(追記は青字部分。アイテム紹介も公式リンク追加)
偽造品 投稿日: 2023年3月31日 投稿者: マライア この春、何かがおかしい...世界中のコレクターが、不思議な装飾を施した卵の偽物が市場に出回っている事実に驚いています!この偽物の出所はまだ特定されていませんが、このような間違った卵...
緑のトゲを植えて奇妙に彩色された卵(偽造品)Curiously Adorned Eggsを手に入れよう(2023年4月19日 卵のカラー追加)
Counterfeit Commoditiesチャンプに参加すると、雑魚沸きのときも時々バッグに卵が入るけど、かなり確率が悪そう。幸運高くしていったら雑魚から1個、ボス棺桶から1個でたけど。 それだと、緑のトゲを植えたほうが楽かな? 4 月...


*Counterfeit Commoditiesのポイントは2023年6月1日午後11時59分に失効

報酬一覧 *(  )内は必要ポイント数


  • Glowing Chrysalis (1) ダブルクリックでWhimsical Butterfly





2023年 Counterfeit Commodities報酬/Glowing Chrysalisを733個交換/ Whimsical Butterflyカラー別結果発表!
Glowing Chrysalisを大量に交換したのはいいけれど、 2Dだとバッグの中で重なり過ぎていてダブルクリックして Whimsical Butterflyにするのが大変だった。 このときだけはSAクライアントのマス目が楽ちんだと思う...
  • Masterfully Grafted Sapling /見事に接ぎ木された苗木(1)






2023年 Counterfeit Commodities報酬/Masterfully Grafted Sapling(見事に接ぎ木された苗木)/Mycelium Infused Hedgeを447個交換/カラー別結果発表
セキュアがいっぱいで15年報奨の物置小屋をさらに2個ほど追加しつつの交換! これは2023年6月3日現在ではポイントにならない。 去年と同じ色かぶりを合わせると、どれだけのセキュア数になっているのか・・・? では、2023年の今回の分447...
  • Page of Lore (1-5)Counterfeit Commodities/伝承のページ (1)



Counterfeit Commodities

Silver Tongue Sam

Well, first there were these rabbits, then eggs. Oh, and a fungus too. Then plants started growing all funny. Yea, last Spring was certainly a bizzaro one! decided I should get in on this business, ya know, since everyone else was.

But really, who wants to be out chasing rabbits all day long? That’s silly. There had to be another way! I certainly didn’t want anything to do with any kind of nature goddess either!

Usually I don’t think its a good idea for anyone to write down their tricky plans

but honestly, who is ever going to read this? Maybe one day someone will find this and find it as hilarious as I did.

Ha! Anyway, folks are still looking for those eggs and they are still willing to trade em over for good loot! I figure if I can provide them with the loot, then I get the eggs!

This is the greatest plan ever – who is ever going to know that I’m really just providing cheap counterfeits instead of the sweet loot these other traders are offering?

I mean, really it’s the same as the loot they were offering, but…well it’s just not, as they say…legal? No matter who I source my products from, I’ll be swimming in eggs before I know it!

So here’s the deal, I get my stuff from…semi-legitimate sources and people give me eggs for it! I also hear some botany fellow was able to get the little funky rabbits that pop up when you plant green thorns to sometimes drop an egg.

Those eggs are a little different, so you know everyone will want them. There is no stopping me now. I’ll be making omelets with fancy rabbit eggs before I know it! How much can I charge for that!

Alright, so maybe things got a little carried away. It seems some swamp creature in Ilshenar is terrorizing a village of savages…

I mean, they can’t trace that back to me, can they? No way! I’ll be fine, yes, definitely I’ll be fine. I wonder if you can make a pair of shoes out of bogling hide?

  • Eodonian Parrot Egg (2)






  • Vibrantly Mutated Snake Plant (2)







Counterfeit Commodities 報酬/Vibrantly Mutated Snake Plant 251個交換 カラー別結果発表!
Vibrantly Mutated Snake Plantを交換した数 交換個数 251個 ノーマル色 カラーID 2604 32個 カラーID 2568 28個 カラーID 2523 26個 カラーID 2509 26個 カラーID 26...
  • Pile of Mud / 泥の山(3)

  • Decorative Plinth /装飾台座(3)

  • Lucky Abomination Skull (5)

  • Wand of Warding (10)

  • Lantern of Protection (10)

  • Cloak of Silence /静寂の外套(10)

  • Carved Bone Relic from Holmes (15)

    • Does not include Vorpal Bunny Summoning

  • Serpent Skin Quiver (20)

    • Not Blessed

  • Serpent Skin Wing Armor (20)

  • Yukio’s Glass Earrings (25)

  • Drogeni’s Spellbook (40)