Halloween ? Treasures of the Sorcerer’s Dungeon

UO 公式  Halloween ? Treasures of the Sorcerer’s Dungeon

Halloween ? Treasures of the Sorcerer’s Dungeon

Posted on July 29, 2017 by Mariah

Halloween approaches, the Sorcerer’s Dungeon has been taken over by the Pumpkin King and his henchmen.
Following a similar formula to the two previous Halloween Events, Treasures of Doom and Treasures of the Kotl City, a researcher has stationed himself outside the dungeon. This kindly scientist will tithe gold for adventuring chivalrous knights, lock karma and restore life to distressed ghosts.

Artifacts of Enchanted Origin will appear in adventurers’ packs as they battle the inhabitants of the dungeon and the researcher will exchange these for a variety of items in his inventory:

■ Jack’s Bag of Tricks Cost 75 artifacts


Usable during the month of October, this bag of tricks can be used once per day to see what goodies are inside Jack’s bag!
Collect candy, or if you’re lucky a rare item including:
Rancid Reindeer Meat
Glass Candy Cane
Severed Elf Ears
Exploding Gift Box
Ugly Bear Doll
Spiked Egg Nog

■Serpent’s Jawbone Cost 50 artifacts

A teleporter that can be used to teleport to various locations throughout Ilshenar:

The Village of Lakeshire
The Rat Fort
Reg Volom
Twin Oaks Tavern
The Oasis
Blood Dungeon
Cyclops Dungeon
Exodus Dungeon
The Kirin Passage
Pass of Karnaugh
The Rat Cave
Terort Skitas
Twisted Weald
Wisp Dungeon
Gwenno’s Memorial
Desert Gypsy Camp

■Jack in the Box Cost 30 artifacts
A grizzly take on the classic children’s toy

■Shackled Heart of the Pumpkin King Cost 20 artifacts


Use it if you dare!

Reward Titles

Hero of the Unloved Cost 20 artifacts
Savior of the Demented Cost 30 artifacts
Slayer of the Pumpkin King Cost 50 artifacts

■Sterling Silver Ring Cost 50 artifacts
■Talons/Boots of Escaping Cost 50 artifacts

Only one room in the dungeon is active at any time, each room is ruled by one of the Pumpkin King’s minions who will appear when a quantity of the room’s occupants have been killed; however be aware that new arrivals will continue to appear in the room as long as their leader survives and he/she cannot be enticed away from his/her troops.

The locations of these minions are marked on the map, right (click for a larger version), their rooms are active in the following order:

Nightmare Fairy
Jack in the Box
Headless Elf
Abominable Snowman
Twisted Holiday Tree
Rabid Reindeer
Garish Gingerman
Stocking Serpent
Jack the Pumpkin King ? cut the pumpkins he drops with a sharp implement to release small piles of coins


Not all artifacts falling into adventurers’ packs in the dungeon will be of interest to the researcher, for this is Ilshenar; there are paragon creatures and therefore a chance of Minor Artifacts and, potentially, paragon chests in corpses if you have the luxury of time to open them to look.