Publish 92 Bug fixes/パブリッシュ92 バグフィックス




パブリッシュ92 バグフィックス

出典: UO公式



– バックパックにアイテムをドラッグ&ドロップし、アイテムがバックパックに貼り付いてしまう問題を修正しました。
– 盗みレアMyrmidex Glyphの問題を修正しました。
– EC(SAクライアント)のスペルアイコン(spell trigger / enchant / polymorph / summon familiar)からのメニュー選択は正常に動作するようになります。




Publish 92 Bug fixes
         Posted on March 3, 2016 by Mesanna

Greetings All,

We are in the process of putting out another publish today starting with the Japanese shards during their normal maintenance cycle.  Below are the issues that were fixed:
Resolved an issue with dragging items and having the item  get stuck in your pack or drop to the ground.
Stealable Carved Mymidex Glyph has been fixed
Enhanced Client Bug Fix ? Spell icons that include menu selections via the icon (spell trigger, enchant, polymorph and summon familiar) will now function properly again.

Thank you for all your feedback and your patience.  We will be  discussing among the team and at our next Meet and Greet on Sonoma regarding moving the second stage of publication from Origin to one of the more populated shards to get additional feedback.

UO Team