TC1 Patch Notes

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TC1 Patch Notes
        Posted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2014 Sep 19 21:42 -0400 GMT         

TC 1 Updates

We have made the following updates to TC1. We have also put a clean backup on TC1. You may experience cliloc errors until the final client is released. Please send us your feedback or any bugs you may encounter.

The mana spike’s effects will now properly clean themselves up at the expiration of the effect.

  • Filling and emptying anniversary sinks will retain the color of the sink.
  • All facings of the sink, full and empty, will now be dyeable with the furniture dyetub, natural dyes, and pigments.
  • VvV players in an active battle city will no longer see multiple arrows pointing to the altar.
  • The amount of silver points earned for various VvV accomplishments have been scaled down.
  • Impassable objects placed at the entrance of Dungeon Blackthron will be placed in the nearby barrel. This barrel will delete its contents every ten minutes or when the number of items inside the barrel reaches 125.
  • Murderers that are VvV players can now be resurrected inside an active VvV battle city.
  • Tileart for VvV traps is no longer flagged as impassable
  • Public moongates can be used in both Trammel and Felucca when participating in the Traders Quest. Using public moongates will negate any distance bonuses applied to rewards and treasury deposits, as well as eligibility for rare rewards.
  • When VvV altars are won the area will not be blanketed in darkness.
  • VvV players will not enter stat loss when they die from guild or alliance mates.
  • VvV altar flames should be cleaned up if the battle ends when the altar is in the process of being claimed.
  • Blackthorn’s Dungeon has been added to the corrupted crystal portal. The instruction pages will not show “blackthorn” until the final client is released.
  • Morph earrings have been added to VvV silver trader.
  • Alliances can now be made between guilds that have members opted into VvV.
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