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伝承のページ(1)Whispers in the Wind / Rakugy the Elder

The realm breathed a cautious sigh of relief after the tumultuous battle in the depths of Deceit. The stench of decay that once hung heavy in the air began to dissipate, and the sears of the land started to heal.

The memory of Juo’nar’s sinister presence still lingered, a warning of the malevolent forces that sought to plunge the world into darkness. Yet, hope flickered in the hearts of the people, believing the worst was behind them.

In the frigid expanse of the northlands, Tokonese ice-farmers toiled beneath an unforgiving sky. As they harvested, their blades struck an unnerving resistance. From the depths of the frozen earth, a chilling undead spectre emerged, eyes aflame with an eerie, malevolent light. Their howls echoed through the barren landscape, a ghastly chorus of warning. Fear gripped the hearts of the farmers, for they knew that such a presence could only foretell darker days ahead.

The creeping darkness did not halt at the northlands. It swept like a suffocating shroud across Isamu-Jima. Once verdant fields now stood choked with the blight of the undead.

Zombies lurched through twisted forests,
wraiths haunting the shadows, and skeletal dragons circled ominously
overhead. Villages that had once thrived now lay in desolation, a testament to the inexorable advance of Juo’nar’s maleficent forces.

Gathered in solemn assembly in the heart of Zento, the Feudal Lords of
Makoto Jima convened. Faces etched with concern, they weighed the dire situation before them. Plans were forged, strategies honed, alliances forged in the crucible of necessity.
Together, they pledged to stand resolute, to safeguard their sacred lands from the encroaching abyss. The fate of
Makoto Jima now hung in the balance, awaiting the gallant defense that would be mounted.

The creeping dread reached the deserts of Isamu-Jima, a desolation already scarred by the arid winds. Undead horrors desecrated the sands, their malevolent presence choking the life from the land. In this dire hour, a beacon of hope emerged.

A cry for aid, borne on the wings of trust, was dispatched to the Paladins of Trinsic. Their reputation as stalwart defenders rang true, and all eyes turned to them as the last bastion against the advancing tide of darkness.

In gleaming armor and hearts ablaze with purpose, the Paladins of Trinsic answered the call. With swords unsheathed and shields raised, they descended upon the Isamu-Jima Desert like an unyielding storm as the undead forces met their match.

Amidst the chaos, a figure emerged, the Disciple of Juo’nar, a black specter of malevolence. But the Paladins’ resolve was unyielding, and with a resounding blow, the darkness was banished. The realm stood victorious, bathed in the dawning light of a new day.

Shoji Screen(10)

Jade Lantern(10)

Jade Lantern(10)

Raw Jade(10)

Feudal Kabuto(15)

称号の証書 Daimyo(15)

称号の証書 Shogun(20)

称号の証書 Feudal Lord(25)

称号の証書 Yurei(30)

Feudal Cloak Of Elements(35)

Feudal Cloak Of Elements(35)

Storm Lord’s Steel(35)

Feudal Ghostwalkers(35)

Feudal Ghostwalkers(35)

Mushroom Cultivator’s Apron(35)

Mushroom Cultivator’s Gargish Apron(35)


Warlord Sash(40)

Warlord Sash(40)

Serpent’s Bite(50)

Weeping Edge(50)

Shougeja’s Wand(50)

Sentinel’s Mempo(65)

Sentinel’s Necklace(65)

Shugenja’s Raiment(75)

Shugenja’s Raiment(75)

Divine Sanctifier(80)

Divine Sanctifier(80)

Gloves Of The Holy Warrior(100)

Gargish Kilt Of The Holy Warrior(100)

Ozymandias Hiryu(150)