Macroers and Houses

UO 公式 Macroers and Houses

Macroers and Houses
Posted on November 22, 2019 by Mesanna
Hello Everyone,
Keep in mind this is not a change to the TOS, this is a change as to how we will handle macroers from this point forward. In case you haven’t read the newsletter for the past few months the numbers being banned are rising and we feel are out of control. Scripting/macroing needs to stop and this is the step in doing that . So this is how it will be handled in the future by the GM’s. This is not to punish the innocent but to catch the cheaters.

Moving forward, we are going to start noting the accounts of house owners where we have verified illicit activities taking place. Specifically, if we come across a situation where a group of macroers are holed up in a house doing whatever it is they are doing (skill gains, crafting etc) or a recall group dropping off resources in chests at a specific house (or houses), We are going to confirm the house owner from the house sign and then note that house-owner account about what the GM observed in the product account notes section of that house-owner account.

This way if someone is gaining ‘hidden’ benefits from a bot network or at the very least providing a safe haven for scripters they will end up getting actioned as well.

Thank you,

Bonnie “Mesanna” Armstrong