UO Newsletter #43

UO公式 UO Newsletter #43

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Producer Notes

Greetings Everyone,

The UO Team would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving!  We are also pleased to announce the Origin, Izumo, and Baja release of Jolly Roger which brings updates to holiday favorites like The Artisan Festival and Krampus!  Also included is a new adventure that continues the year long story of the Fellowship and their actions in Britannia.  We’ve got some great rewards available for completing that adventure which you can check out below.  Be sure to check out the publish notes for full details!  As we put the finishing touches on Jolly Roger we are looking forward to our next publish which will include several updates including Veteran Rewards, new items in the Ultima Store and more!  We look forward to sharing those details with you in the future!

We would also like to update everyone on a new policy as it relates to how we handle ToS violations within a house.  If players are caught in a house violating the ToS, in any form, the account which owns the house will also be actioned.
Due to the upcoming holiday season we will be conducting one Meet & Greet in December as follows,
December 2nd – Sonoma 9 pm ET
The following are actions taken on accounts that were banned or suspended during the month of October:

16  –  Disruptive Behavior
142 – Macroing 
34 –  Multiboxing
2 –  Solicitation
2 –  Naming Violations
1-  Abusing Game Mechanics
1 – Harrassment 
1 – Exploitation

See you in Britannia,
Bonnie “Mesanna” Armstrong

The latest headline from The Town Cryer…

Admiral Jack Shipwrecked!  Shrines & Virtue Crumble!

Visit the nearest Town Crier to read the full article!  Available on Origin, Izumo, and Baja!
Coming World Wide in Early December!

Question & Answer

1.  What are the plans for Blackthorn’s Dungeon moving forward?

We are currently brainstorming solutions for two areas of concern as it relates to Blackthorn’s Dungeon.  The first of those concerns is that the rewards are out of balance in terms of power as it relates to the difficulty of the non-captain related content.  The second of those concerns is to provide game play and reward delivery mechanics that do not favor unattended game play.  We look forward to discussions with the community as we iterate through these ideas.

2.  What are the plans for the content that has been part of the year-long High Seas update?

Changes such as those we’ve made to ship-cannon mechanics and treasure chests will be permanent additions.  When it comes to other elements of the update such as Plunderbeacons and the Black Market  there are a few factors in play.  We are evaluating the long term viability of the market with regard to updating the rewards and balancing it against our broader goals for the future of development on Ultima Online.  Whatever our ultimate action ends up being, Plunderbeacons, the Fellowship Donation Rewards, The Pirate Black Market, and the Jolly Roger rewards will be available for the immediate future.  We plan on discussing the cleanup of these events during Publish 108 and will make announcements to the community long before the events would potentially come to a conclusion.

3.  Is it possible to add a pet-respec token?

All creatures, including pets, spawn with a random set of starting stats.  This is how variation within pet species is simulated in the game world and how pet training accounts for some pets being on the cusp of one slot level vs another.  The starting stats of a pet are not tracked and training progress is not saved.  Due to this we unfortunately cannot offer pet-respec ability. 

4.  What’s going on with vendor search? Why are there so many “too-vague” results?

We will be performing maintenance on the database with the release of Jolly Roger to improve the performance of Vendor Search.  

5.  Can we please do away with blocked locations while recalling/gating?

This functionality is core to movement validations when it comes to mobile objects moving from one sub-server to another and we cannot remove it.

Customer Service

To recover an account, please email support@ultimaonline.com so that the Billing Support has a ticket in the system. Keep an eye out for the automated reply requesting account verification for the Billing Support Team to assist further.
•  How to create an account or log into my account?
•  How to manage my accounts after I’ve logged into the Account Center?
To reset your password you must first understand which type of account you are resetting the password for.
EA Accounts, Mythic Master Accounts, and Mythic Product / Game Accounts all have separate individual passwords. All of which you can reset at our Account Center at https://accounts.eamythic.com/.

•  To reset your EA Account password:
       * Please visit https://signin.ea.com/p/web/resetPassword
       * At the EA page enter the email used to log into your EA Account to change its password.
       * If you have not received your password or have received an error while trying to reset the password and you have disabled all spam filters, please contact EA Support here.
If you have an account that was terminated by CS over a year ago and would like to have it back, please contact the Dispute Team from the email associated with the account at dispute@ultimaonlince.com for further investigation and a possible one-time reprieve.
For in-game issues or question, please submit an in-game help request for a Game Master to contact you.
To submit your suggestions and feedback regarding game content, mechanics, or design, please send them to UO@broadsword.com.

Sovereigns Coin Codes purchased from EA Origin have to be redeemed on the Account Center; you cannot enter these in game.
Sovereign Coin Codes that have been redeemed are bound to the EA Account they were redeemed on and are only usable by the accounts linked with that EA Account; Sovereign Coin currency may not be transferred.

If you are having issues with your EA Origin purchase, follow this link to resolve the issue.

You may have noticed that Origin Store purchases made did not arrived as expected. The Origin Store enacts reviews on all transactions to safeguard against fraudulent purchases, and these reviews may take up to 72 hours. Unfortunately our Billing department is not able to expedite or circumvent this process. However, players who have questions or concerns regarding a store purchase can contact Origin Support for assistance using the below steps:
1)  Go herehttps://help.ea.com/en/contact-us/?product=origin&platform=pc
2)  Select topic* – select Orders
3)  Select issue*
4)  Click on “Select contact option
5)  Sign in with your EA Account or click on “Get help from an advisor without logging in.” if you’re having trouble signing in.

We would also like to reiterate that the Origin store is the only guaranteed provider of codes for Ultima Online. The validity of a code purchased from a third-party seller (be it a friend, in-game acquaintance, or recommended site) cannot be guaranteed. Furthermore, any codes we find to have be fraudulently obtained will be disabled and an account that applies any of these codes will have that code removed from said account. This can result in the loss of game time, character slots, expansion access, Sovereigns (and the items purchased with them), in-game items and more. Please be advised that we cannot assist with any issues stemming from codes purchased via non-Origin means; you will be required to contact the vendor from which you purchased the code for further assistance.