New Callback Service Offer

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New Callback Service Offer  
     Posted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2015 Feb 20 20:42 -0500 GMT

Greetings everyone,

In an effort to increase the quality of support and streamline assistance for certain account and billing-related issues, Broadsword is now pleased to offer a new phone callback service to help resolve complex account and billing issues.

Please be aware that in-game issues are not part of this new initiative. Our Support team will attempt to resolve all account and billing-related issues via email first. The callback service will only be offered in situations where all attempts to resolve the issue via email have been exhausted. Our aim is to lessen the amount of back and forth sometimes required to reduce the total resolution time of complex, account and billing-related issues.

Tentatively, the Customer Support Team will be able to make callbacks between the hours of *12PM ? 12AM EST* (noon ? midnight) or *5PM ? 5AM GMT*. Please keep that timeframe in mind when coordinating with the Support Team to setup a callback.

At this time, callbacks will only be offered in English.

Thank you,
UO Team