Producer Update

Producer Update が更新されました。

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Producer Update  
          Posted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2014 Aug 29 21:08 -0400 GMT

Good Afternoon everyone,

       The UO team wants to wish everyone a Happy Labor Day on Monday, please be safe if you are driving!   

     We are excited to release an update to TC1 for Vice vs Virtue. In this update we have introduced the following,

  • At the beginning of each battle three altars will spawn within the City.

  • Shortly after the match begins, the action feed will display a message to “Fight for the Altar!”

  • An arrow will direct you towards the location of the altar.

  • The objective is to be the only guild or alliance on the altar and successfully prevent enemies from stepping onto the altar.

  • As time passes columns of fire will shoot up from the altar, igniting the four braziers surrounding the altar.

  • When all 4 braziers have been lit, the guild or alliance that successfully held the altar will receive points.

  • If at any time an enemy guild steps onto the altar progress will be reset.

  • After a short period of time the action feed will display a message to again, “Fight for the Altar!” and the process repeats.

    Please note there is a known issue with the EC and how the arrow is displayed pointing to the location of the altar, this will be fixed in the next publish to TC1.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on this new VvV mechanic!

Thanks everyone!!!!