17th Anniversary T-Shirts Offer

17th Anniversary T-Shirts Offer が更新されました。




17th Anniversary T-Shirts Offer
          Posted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2014 Sep 04 19:25 -0400 GMT         

Greetings Everyone!

We have designed a new T-Shirt for eveyone’s enjoyment!  If you would like a shirt head on over here!  If you guys like these and want more styles we will design more shirts and hoodies for the different seasons and make them available in the future.  Just let me know what you think!!  We hope you enjoy these.

We are putting the final touches on Publish 86 so there will not be a publish to TC1 this week.  We are looking to have the final patch on TC1 on September 15th.  Thank you for everyone that has helped with Vice vs Virtue and all the help you have given the team during this publish cycle.

We have most of the Advisors set up on TC1 robed and running around, we still need to fill 10 more slots

Thank you!

UO Team