Publish 90 Update to Origin & Izumo/Facebook広田剣:オリジンシャードと出雲シャードにおけるPublish 90 アップデート



Publish 90 Update to Origin & Izumo が更新されました。


オリジンシャードと出雲シャードにおけるPublish 90 アップデート



Publish 90 Update to Origin & Izumo
     Posted on October 3, 2015 by UO Dev Team

A big thank you to everyone that has taken the first steps in the Time of Legends!  The following updates have been deployed to Origin & Izumo,
Tweaked stats and AIs for the Dragon Turtle.
Fixed an issue where players who had consumed a mastery primer before completing the Mastery Quest were not receiving the mastery book.
Adjusted the loot on the Dragon Turtle.
Tweaked stats on tribe NPCs.
Peerless encounters now have a chance at being an objective in the Mastery Quest.
Treasures of Doom is now active on Origin & Izumo.
The Mastery Quest will now update objectives every hour and will remain the same for each player during that time based on account entitlements and VvV status.
Fixed issue where Hawkwind’s Mastery quest was delivering cards instead of a Mastery Book on completion.
Any cards received in error have been converted into Mastery Books.


オリジンシャードと出雲シャードにおけるPublish 90 アップデート
出典: UO公式

Time of Legendsにおいて最初のステップを踏み出してくださった皆さまに、心よりお礼を申し上げます!下記の通り、オリジンシャードと出雲シャードにアップデートが導入されました。

・Dragon TurtleのステータスとAIは調整されています。
・Dragon Turtleのルート品は調整されています。