Publish to Origin and Izumo Today (3/17/2014)~オリジン・出雲に先行導入/Broadsword Plaque

Publish to Origin and Izumo Today (3/17/2014)





EAからBroadsword Online Gamesに運営が変わったお祝いアイテム?が配布されています。



To Commemorate Broadsword Online’s investment into the future of Ultima Online, commemorative plaques will be available from the West Britain Bank after all shards are published.








Broadsword Plaque








Publish to Origin and Izumo Today (3/17/2014)
    Posted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2014 Mar 18 14:09 -0400 GMT       

With us publishing out Vendor search we are having to take down the Housing warehouse and the Character transfer warehouse for a few hours today to make sure we update those also. This should be a one time only occurance so please be patient with us.

Vendor Search

Players will not see these improvements for the first 3 hours until the data base has been rebuilt.

  • Added the ability to search “Artifact Rarity” values

Vendor Maps:

  • Added message when vendor map is placed in backpack.

  • Removed ability to sell vendor maps to mapmakers.

  • Removed ability to use vendor maps to teleport during combat.

  • Increased distance allowed for teleporting around house sign.

  • Added the ability to pay for teleporting with gold in backpack.

  • Removed the ability to use a vendor map as a recall rune.

  • Added the ability to open the container containing the vended item when within 19 tiles of the item.

  • Added a check to make sure an item is still for sale before allowing the player to teleport to the item.

Vendor Searching:

  • Changed numeric search string restriction to only block numbers under 1000.

  • Changed text search to look for each word individually.

  • Added ability to sort results by price from high to low.

  • Added ability to remove individual search criterion.

Vendor Results Menu

  • Fixed item properties display for empty strings.
  • Fixed display of some add-on items.
  • Added commas to price display.

Easter Gifts

Characters atleast 30 days old logging in between publish day and 12:01 AM 5/1/2014 will receive an Easter Gift!

  • An Easter Bunny raised in one of Sosaria’s various cities, with a chance at a rare location!
  • The Easter Bunny comes in eight (8) different vest colors
  • Once every 24 hours the Easter Bunny will prepare an edible marshmallow duckling that can be eaten
  • Marshmallow ducklings come in six (6) different colors.

Event Moderator Reward Distribution Change

Rewards distributed through the Event Moderator tool commonly referred to as “top attacker” or “top damager” will now function as follows:

Broadsword Commemorative Plaques

To Commemorate Broadsword Online’s investment into the future of Ultima Online, commemorative plaques will be available from the West Britain Bank after all shards are published. Please visit the plaque on your shard to get yours when they are available.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected issue where only the character that placed the house is allowed to customize the house
  • Corrected issue where goza mats were becoming unusable .
  • Discordance is now considered a hostile act when used against player pets; players may now only use peacemaking on player pets that are freely aggressive
  • Faction players once again cannot be put into stat loss or reward points when killed by non-faction players
  • Pets can no longer go wild while owner is riding them.
  • Players who customize a house containing a house add-on will no longer have security settings revert back to owner only. 


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