October Is Here?

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October Is Here! 
           Posted on October 1, 2015 by UO Dev Team

It’s October in Britannia!

As many of you have noticed the pumpkin patches are once again ripe with pumpkins fresh for picking and the cemeteries have once again fallen under control of the Butchers!

Visit a pumpkin patch to find a Jack o’ Lantern.  Beware that picking Jack o’ Lanterns can summon the vicious Grimm!  Defeat the grim and you may be lucky enough to find a carvable pumpkin.  Visit a cemetery to find the Butchers, defeat them and you may find a Jack o’ Lantern carving kit.  Using a Jack o’ Lantern carving kit on a carvable pumpkin will give you a random Carved Pumpkin design that will illuminate when double clicked.  Jack o’ Lanterns and Butcher’s can be found now throughout the month of October.

Throughout Britannia NPCs will also respond to “Trick or Treat” which will give you a treat, or a nasty trick!  NPCs will respond to “Trick or Treat” now throughout the month of October.

Treasures of Doom!

The Treasures of Doom returns!  Venture deep into the depths of Dungeon Doom to recover Artifacts of Doom that can be exchanged for rewards at the Professor outside the dungeon entrance.  Treasures of Doom will be active when Publish 90 goes World Wide (assuming no issues, 10/8/2015) through November 8, 2015.

As a final note, some of you have pointed that the “Time of Legends” entitlement is not displaying in the account management page.  We are aware of the issue, and it should be resolved now.  Also remember that Publish 90 is currently only active on Origin & Izumo, so Anniversary gifts are not available on other shards until Publish 90 goes World Wide (assuming no issues, 10/8/2015).