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Strive for Unity

Posted on June 3, 2019 by UO Dev Team
As we prepare to conclude Rising Tide and begin our journey to Forgotten Treasures we invite you to sit back and enjoy, Strive for Unity.
By EM Malachi

Town Cryer transcript of Lord Batlin’s Speech to the Royal Council

“We are the Fellowship”

“King Blackthorn, Governors, and distinguished guests: I, Batlin, stand before you as a humble petitioner for my people. We of the Fellowship wish to be allowed to do our important work out in the world. I hear you ask, ‘Why does Britannia need the Fellowship? What is one more philosophical society or charity?’ I thank you for giving me a chance to answer.

We, Britannians, have struggled in our long history, plagued by wars, invasion, and disaster. With the disappearance of one king and the death of a queen, even the Crown has faced hardship. When people struggle for so long, they focus on the burden they carry, and not the road before them. They also miss the suffering of those around them. The Fellowship wishes to lighten these burdens, to help people walk with their eyes on the horizon.

The Pirate’s Guild took advantage of our distraction and disunity. They are a discord that should never have been allowed. The Fellowship will help protect and unify our people and merchant fleets against this menace. We wish to help bring peace to our world.

Still, the pirates of Buccaneer’s Den are merely today’s problem. What of tomorrow? We must strive for unity all of the time, not just during crisis. Too many distractions and new ideas fill our cities. With the Shrines to the Virtues so distant, the Fellowship houses we will build will provide places of meditation and respite.

We will also serve the poor and vulnerable of Britannia. Some may balk at our approach to charity, where those in need earn their alms. However, if we are to heal Sosaria, the Fellowship cannot simply treat the symptoms of poverty. We must help those in need regain their self-worth, as worthiness precedes reward.

Members of the Fellowship come from all over Britannia. We are your brothers and sisters, your children and parents. We are the same people. Trust your brother, trust your sister. Please let me and my people go out and spread the word of Fellowship.”


団結を目指して ? Strive for Unity
出典: UO公式

By EM Malachi



「ブラックソーン国王陛下、首長の皆さま、そして賓客の皆さま、私、バトリンは仲間の代表として、謙虚なる陳情者としてここに立っております。私どもフェローシップはブリタニアにおいて重要な使命を果たすべく、ここに認可を求めるものであります。皆さま方が、なぜ、ブリタニアにフェローシップが必要なのか? まったく別の哲学的社会、もしくは慈善事業とは何か? と疑念をお持ちであると聞いております。こうしてご説明の機会を与えていただいたことに感謝を申し上げます。



バッカニアーズ・デンの海賊は、今日に限った問題かも知れません。しかし、明日はどうなるのか、私たちは危機の間のみならず、常に団結への努力を 惜しんではならないのではないでしょうか。街にはあまりに多くの混乱と、夥しい数の価値観があふれ返っています。神殿から徳へ到る道は遠いものでありますから、私たちフェローシップが建立する家は人々に瞑想と安息の場を提供します。