Revert on Yamato & Producer Update




Revert on Yamato
        Posted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2014 Aug 21 14:00 -0400 GMT         


Good morning everyone,

    We have experienced some issues with the backup on Yamato hanging up causing issues and not allowing players to log in.  To fix this we are having to do a 7.5 hour revert on Yamato.  We have currently taking it down and are working to get it back up.  We are sorry for the inconvience and will get it back up as soon as possible.

Thank you,

UO Team

Producer Update  
         Posted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2014 Aug 21 18:40 -0400 GMT
Good afternoon everyone,

     We will be having an extended maintenance tomorrow on Oceania to preform some required maintenance.  This should only extend the maintenance time by an hour.

     We are also looking to start Advisor training on TC1 so please be kind to them when you see them.  We are also looking to publish phase 2 of Vice and Virtue which includes the removal of Factions.  We have fixed the crash issue related to the traders quest. 

     We are changing the boat decay back to the normal 14 day decay rate,  starting tonight with Japan’s regular maintanence cycle, all other shards will get this during their normal maintenance cycle.

    Please be aware that if you try to do a character transfer from a Japanese shard to a US shard during this time you will not be able to due to the fact they will be out of sync.  Please hold off till all shards have received this update tomorrow.

Thank you.