Housing Status Update/家のステータスアップデート

Housing Status Update

Greetings everyone,

We hope everyone is staying home and safe.  We understand this is very trying but know we are all together on this.

The team has talked about this several times and we feel the best decision is not to turn off housing decay.  It would impact everyone by not allowing housing to be placed, housing to be transferred, as well temporarily turning off house decay.  The problem is if we did turn it off when the housing is turned back on all the status fast forwards to the point it should have been at when we turned them off.

We hope everyone has a great Memorial day!

Thank you,

Bonnie “Mesanna” Armstrong

UO Producer




チームは家の腐敗について何度か話し合っており、家の腐敗をオフにしないことが最善の決断だと感じています。 家の建設や移転において、一時的に家の腐敗をオフにすることで、すべての人に影響を与えます。 家のすべてのステータスを停止しそれを再開にした場合に問題がおこりやすくなります。